Dog Boarding & Doggie Daycare

A home, away from home, for your special friend.

Double Mac Farms is now closed

Thank you for trusting us for over 20 years with your dogs! We appreciate your support over the years.

Kennel Description...

All kennels are secure, well ventilated and sanitized daily. You are welcome to bring your own bedding or crate. We have several different kennel areas. Depending on your dog's personality we will choose the best placement. Dogs have access to fresh water all the time and are fed separately.

Pet Safety Is Priority #1...

Our staff are certified with St. John Ambulance Pet First Aid.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Double Mac Farms boarding facility is a busy kennel and books up quickly, especially on weekends and holidays.

Yes. Please schedule your "meet & greet" appointment before your dog stays with us. This will help alleviate stress when the boarding time comes, and also allows us to be better prepared to meet your dog's needs. At that time the necessary paperwork can be done, and your dog can meet the resident canine greeters too!

Yes, we do! Your dog will receive exercise, attention, socialization and treats while you're away for the day. Call us for more information!

Yes, in fact we recommend it. It is one less change for them. Please label your dog's food. We will feed our high quality food if you choose not to bring your own. There is no additional charge if you bring your own food. We will feed a RAW food diet. Please bring food in individual portions. We have a fridge & freezer available for storage.

Yes, they do need to be current. Kennel Cough is mandatory. All puppies must have their full vaccinations.

Bring a familiar blanket or favorite toy. These items will have your smell on it and remind your pet of home. Bring your food if you choose to. Be sure to label any items. We provide bowls but you are welcome to bring your own if they have an emotional attachment to certain ones. Provide us with any medications and instructions, along with contact numbers and your veterinarian's name and number on the boarding contract that we will provide you ahead of time.

Definitely not! We customize your dog's visit. In cases like this, we will exercise your dog on their own.